Successful relationships and business growth

Most businesses are online but there is a big difference to being online and being a successful online business. Having a strategy is a good step to help grow a business.


There are three important objectives for any online business: Traffic, Relationships and Conversions.


Driving traffic to a site isn’t an easy task.  Popular keywords can be expensive and don’t always guarantee a ROI, writing endless realms of copy or collecting large numbers of social media followers may not generate results quickly. It’s often easier to develop better relationships with the customers you already have.


Website owners often focus on the business needs but can overlook the needs of their customers. Don’t think of your customers as an amorphous mass, break them into specific groups or segments and list why they’re coming to your site. What does the site do to fulfill their needs? Are there any gaps? Is there anything further you can be do to improve your offer.


Conversions and successful visits


A successful visit can mean many things to many businesses. It may be a sale, a download, collecting a mailing address, a sign up for social media or a new lead.


List all your successful goals and prioritise them. What is your ideal conversion rate for each of these goals? It’s not easy to set a target conversion rate, but consider what the business needs to drive leads, subscriptions, sales and ultimately to increase profits. Try to be specific about the actual conversion and the rate you want. Outline how you plan to achieve it and when by. This is where your strategy will start to get really interesting.


If one of your goals is to increase sign up, plan how you can attract more customers to sign up. This isn’t always about driving traffic into your site but working with the customers you already have. Optimising the user experience around goals is often more effective than driving traffic.


Think strategically about your site, understand your customers and what they want to achieve. Monitor and measure conversion rates for those key goals. Set strong conversion targets and develop a plan to attain those targets.